The Post-War Period in Conversation: Bruno Flierl (17.11.2009)

Video recording

Bruno Flierl (b.1927) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in West Berlin from 1948 to 1951. In 1950 he relocated to East Berlin and worked from 1952 as a research associate at the German Building Academy in the GDR, amongst others under Hans Schmidt. He was also engaged as editor-in-chief of the magazine Deutsche Architektur (1962–1964), as an architectural theorist and university lecturer. He devoted his theoretical works to the interplay of architecture and society. Although he was a staunch socialist, his critical approach was met with massive restrictions in his professional life in the GDR. After 1989 Bruno Flierl worked in various urban planning and architectural committees on the process of reunification of East and West. The subjects dealt with in his publications include tall buildings and the city, building in the GDR and the development of Berlin’s city centre.


Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder