The Post-War Period in Conversation: Atelier 5 (8.5.2014)

Video recording

Atelier 5 had a lasting influence on postwar architecture. Already with their first project, the Siedlung Halen (1955–1961), the architectural collective from Bern gained huge international recognition. In the following decades, Atelier 5 realized numerous influential buildings in Switzerland and abroad, such as Siedlung Thalmatt (1968–1972), the refectory of Universität Stuttgart (1970–1976) or the Vaucher exhibition hall (1980–1983). The work was supplemented by large-scale masterplans for Lima (1969), Oftringen (1973) and Berlin (1993). The projects – in accordance with the self-conception of Atelier 5 often very different – have in common the engagement with standardized construction processes and social organization forms, which find their expression in the clear structure of the designs. The long-term partner Jacques Blumer (b.1937) speaks as a representative of the group, who deliberately never promoted individual members.


Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder