Laurin Schwarz

Laurin Schwarz's research is concerned with the audiovisual landscapes of circulation in Classical Modernity. He investigates theoretical and historical entanglements in dispositifs of consumption, traffic regulation, scientific and avant-garde experiments, and literary and cinematographic representations of the early 20th century. Everywhere there appear fragments of an engagement with artificially "composed" spaces of audiovisual signals: The shrill sounds of sirens, the luminous pictoral abstraction of traffic signs, and the colored luminous beams of traffic lights become here powerful actors in the process of socio-cultural reconfiguration of space in modernity. They allow an insight into the different and depth-structural techniques and aesthetics of their arrangement of flows in the light of the immense acceleration of the circulation of people, things, and energies.

Topics: Culture of modernity, transition from the 19th to the 20th century, semiotics and materiality of logistical landscapes, entanglement of technology and aesthetics.