Hermann Muthesius 1861–1927: Das Landhaus als kulturgeschichtlicher Entwurf

Laurent Stalder
gta Verlag, Zürich, 2004

Hermann Muthesius was one of the leading figures in German cultural politics and reform efforts in the early twentieth century. Between 1904 and 1927 he published numerous widely-discussed writings on residential construction. These included the three-volume work Das englische Haus (The English House) (1904) and Wie baue ich mein Haus? (How do I Build my House?) (1917) in which he condensed his textbook into a standard work. The main focus of the study is the influence and transfer of the English model to the development of housing in Germany, in particular the country house, as well as the relationship of the modern age and tradition, practice and theory, technology and crafts.


Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder