Focus Work in History and Theory of Architecture AS 22

Focus Work (063-0851-22)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Stalder
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder, Dr. Andreas Kalpakci, Conrad Kersting


The focus work offers the opportunity to closely examine a topic in the history, theory, and criticism of architecture. The task consists in the formulation and examination of an independent question through a scholarly text. Its objective is to arrive at a comprehensive perspective of architecture. This can be obtained by seeking a connection between historical and theoretical works, grounded on understanding architecture as part of historically specific and culturally influential conditions. As the subject of the focus work we propose the analysis and discussion of selected buildings and of their parts, including also the theories and debates that relate to them. We suggest to develop the focus work from a topic that has already been examined within a seminar of the Chair. Upon agreement with the lecturers, however, independent topics are also welcome.

Information Focus Work History and Theory of Architecture