Elective Thesis
The Isokon

Elective Thesis
Tutku Polat


This work focuses on the history of the Isokon Building in England. The building by architect Wells Coates was not only the first residential building to be constructed in reinforced concrete, but also brought modernity to conservative England in 1934. Brilliant white, the L-shaped apartment block rises and towers above the smaller brown and red clinker brick buildings in Hampstead, London. During the construction of the Isokon Building, but also afterwards, the Bauhaus played a central role in its history. It also revolutionised European housing with its minimal flat floor plans. The builders wanted to import the concept of a standardised flat with a fitted kitchen and manufactured furniture into pre-war England.
A 1930s housing experiment in which household tasks such as cleaning, washing and cooking were taken over by the caretaker service, thus enabling a free and self-determined life, as the Pritchards, the builders, wished.


PD Dr. Lothar Schmitt