Things of Modernity – The microarchitectures of everyday life

Lecture History and Theory of Architecture VIII (063-0802-01)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Stalder
Lecturers: Prof. Dr Laurent Stalder, Dr Andreas Kalpakci, Dr Matthew James Wells
Time: Thursdays 11.00–11.45
Location: HCI G 7

Under the title ‘Things of Modernity’, the lecture course aims to focus less on people or buildings and more on those ‘things’ that have been the subject of modernization in architecture and urban planning over the last 200 years, such as the revolving door, the elevator, the glass, the clock, the conduit, insulation, etc. The term ‘thing’ includes both the concrete material object itself and the interests associated with the object. To understand objects as "things" therefore does not mean to diminish their significance, but on the contrary to add reality to them, to understand them in terms of the complex, historically located, diverse concerns in which they were created.

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Programme – new 
Revolving Door: Literature 
Revolving Door: Slides 
Clock: Literature 
Clock: Slides 
Elevator: Literature 
Elevator: Slides 
Elevator: Video 
Piloti: Literature 
Piloti: Slides 
Glass: Literature 
Glass: Slides 
Glass + Piloti: Video 
Trennwand: Literature 
Trennwand: Slides 
Trennwand: Video 
Leitung: Literature 
Leitung: Slides 
Leitung: Video 
Carpet: Literature 
Carpet: Slides 
Carpet: Video 
Luft: Literature 
Luft: Slides 
Luft: Video 
Questions & Answers: Video 


GIEDION, Siegfried: „The Bathroom becomes Mechanized" (1948) 
LATOUR, Bruno: „Why has Critique run out of Steam? From matters of Fact to Matters of Concern” (2004) 
RHEINBERGER, Hans-Jörg: „Experimentalsystem und epistemische Dinge“ (2015) 
SIMONDON, Gilbert: On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects (1958) 
SLOTERDIJK, Peter: „Air/Condition” (2004) 

BAUDRILLARD, Jean: „Modernity” (1987) 
KERN, Stephen: „The Nature of Time” (2003) 

GUILLERME, Jacques: „À propos du concept de rendement” (2008) 
STALDER, Laurent mit Moritz GLEICH: „Stirling’s Arrows" (2017) 
STIEGLER, Bernard: „Perfromance et singularité” (2004) 

JANY, Susannah: „Making Buildings Work” (2018) 
MARTIN, Reinhold: „The Physiognomy of the Office” (2003)