Modernism – Architecture of an era in transition

Lecture (063-0804)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Stalder
Lecturers: PD Dr. Lothar Schmitt
Time: Fridays, 8.00-10.00
Location: HIL E 8

Building today is often measured by the standards of modern architecture. However, since these standards are determined by cultural, social and political factors, it is important to understand the historical conditions of modern architecture. The lecture therefore draws on telling examples from the architectural spectrum of the decades between 1900 and 1950 that show the complex interplay of actors, events and media, which had lasting effects on architecture. This spectrum ranges from Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier, to the career of the "International Style" and the emigrés architects who left Europe under the threat of National Socialism. The lecture also highlights the contribution of female architects and the early historiographical appropriation of Modernism.


Lecture 28.02. Henry van de Velde 
Lecture 06.03. Gropius 
Lecture 13.03. Le Corbusier 
Lecture 27.03. USA und Europa. Slides 
Lecture 27.03. USA und Europa. Video 
Lecture 03.04. Architektur im MoMa. Slides 
Lecture 03.04. Architektur im MoMa. Video 
Lecture 24.04. UK modern. Slides 
Lecture 24.04. UK modern. Video 
Lecture 08.05. Die moderne Schweiz. Slides 
Lecture 08.05. Die moderne Schweiz. Video 
Vorlesung 15.05. Black Mountain. Slides 
Lecture 15.05. Black Mountain. Video 

Exam Texts
Exam 1: Le Corbusier - Purism 
Exam 2: MoMA - Partners in Design 
Exam 3: Schweiz - Hannes Meyer 
Exam 4: Schweiz - Alfred Roth 


PD Dr. Lothar Schmitt