Seminar Week
Greek Debates

Seminar Week (051-0901-17)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Stalder
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder, Tobias Erb, Andreas Kalpakci
Time: Sunday, 22 October - Saturday, 28 October 2017
Location: Athens

For centuries, the past of classical Greece caught the interest of architects and historians. During the interwar and postwar years, however, a new interest emerged for contemporaneity, and modern Greece became the center-stage of several debates on architectural theory that received world-wide attention. Our seminar week will visit the projects of Dimitris Pikionis, Aris Konstantinidis, Constantinos Doxiadis, Takis Zenetos, and Dimitris Antonakakis, that became manifestos of different positions. At the same time, their built works reveal larger phenomena, from the restoration of the Acropolis and the urban transformations of Athens, to the development of tourism along the coasts. We will study and verify the main debates – from international modernism, to regionalism and «Ekistics» – by confronting them with the built works in their present conditions. Through this approach, our travel will allow us to gain insights into the pioneering positions that architects took during the 20th century.

Max 16 students, cost frame D (CHF 750 to 1'000).


Tobias Erb